More then just energy software

Multi device support

Energy, Temperature, Water, Gas, I/O's, Switches, CSV, Counters, UPS'es, Generators,...

Exporting to your system

DCEM can create almost any export: Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, SQL, ... Creating exports which works with your system and match your needs

Commissioning & support

We do more then just installing software, we can also set-up your devices, check your installation and give on-site support whereever needed.

Mario Hangjas, Digital Realty

“In practice, nobody has ever been able to match Fortop”

Which version do you need ?


DCEM is originally developed for datacenters where it is essential in ensuring 24/7 operations. Monitoring the entire electrical installation from trafo to server rack on load, expandability and failover possibility.

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With DCEM – ENTERPRISE the high-standard in energy-monitoring required in datacenters is available for everyone. Giving realtime insight and warnings, detailed historical values and providing interactive single line and power distribution overviews.

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Easy energy measurement on any location without software or network requirement is possible with DCEM – CLOUD. Using secure mobile connections data is stored in the online energyportal where you have 24/7 insight into your energy.

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DCEM Demonstration

Interested in a demonstration or do you require more information? Just contact us and we can provide you with an online DCEM demonstration account so you can experience DCEM yourself.