Access to all your energy data on-the-go

Seven days a week, day and night, view your energy flows, loads and power quality without installing any software. This is archievable with DCEM CLOUD – Energy management in the cloud. DCEM Cloud uses one or more on-site metering boxes. Each metering box has a power quality analyser that collects data, which is sent to the cloud via a secure connection. You can take readings at any location with the DCEM Cloud mobile connection. Connection to your company network is possible but not required.

DCEM Cloud operates on all mobile networks and mixing of providers is no problem.

The system can be used for 1 up to 8 energy measurement devices per location / connection. The first measurement device is always ethernet capable, the rest can be connected via modbus RS485 wiring.

How does DCEM-CLOUD work?

On location: 

  • Your system is continuously metered by a Janitza power analyser
  • 4G/LTE IoT router: Creating access from any location using a secure connection

In the cloud:

  • Secure storage of all energy data
  • Raw data is converted into usable information
  • 24/7 monitoring of remote locations


  • Access to energy data via laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Quick overview of energy trends
  • Easy data (automated) export
  • Alarming on current, voltage and Power Quality

“DCEM-CLOUD provides 24/7 real-time insight into power supplies from anywhere in the world”

Quick, clear and thorough web portal

  • Instant insight into the actual load relative to your fuse value or transformer power
  • Real-time values such as voltage, current, power, cos-phi, etc
  • Consumption view in bar graph, with automatic comparision of weekly patterns
  • Insight into historical measured values in daily, monthly or yearly overview with advanced measured value selection
  • Use the auto-complete function to find the right meter quickly

Examples of working areas:

  • Transformer guarding for grid operators
  • PV installation monitor
  • Grid monitor for over-voltages due to PV/Solar installations
  • Windmill monitor

Geographical map: All your locations in one overview

  • Real-time energy load percentage per location at a glance
  • Power quality status per location
  • Single-line overview per location provides an instant view of the current and power from transformers to the outgoing feeds.