Monitoring redundancy is essential

Datacenters are designed to be electrically redundant, making sure there is power at all times. But keeping track of this electrical redundancy is hard: Not only racks have to be redundant, but entire feeds,rails and mdp’s.

Can you turn off a feed and guarantee all racks stay powered on ?

With DCEM you can monitor the redundancy in realtime and get a warning when something reaches critical limits. We do not just warn you when a power goes beyond 50% of the fuse value, but we realtime add up the power values and calculate the real redundancy possibility.

Designed for datacenters

Redundant software

A redundant datacenter requires a redundant EMS, DCEM is fully redundant ensuring a reliable EMS. Dataloggers monitor eachother and takeover eachother whenever necessary.

Automatic usage exports

DCEM can automatically generate energy usage reports of each individual serverrack for you and your customer.

Load monitoring from top to bottom

Whether you are using energy measurement devices, BCPM boards or PDU power bars, DCEM can organise and monitor it. Load and redundancy monitoring on rack, row, suite, data hall and/or power distribution levels.

Realtime alarm messages

The DCEM alarmmanager guards your installation in realtime. Does your installation have a problem ? DCEM warns using website, e-mail, SMS or BMS. Different kinds of alarms are possible: Overcurrent, Undervoltage, Redundancy failure, Serial number, Connection, …

Using the DCEM Guard app you have an actual alarmstatus with you at all times. New alarms appear as a pop-up and passed alarms disappear automatically.

Mario Hangjas, Digital Realty

“Manualy checking thousands of server racks was no longer an option”

Rack manager

The DCEM rack manager gives you insight into rack usage information, power connection, customer information and failover possibility.

With the DCEM rack manager you are able to connect Groups, BCPM circuits, PDU’s, Cabinets and Customer to a serverrack. Making sure you have the information you need for ensuring rack power.

This information is used by DCEM to automatically generate energy usage reports which can be used to create electricity bills on rack level.

Energy flows visible

Power flows become visible with the DCEM power trees. The power trees give interactive insight into where the energy is flowing. From Trafo to Rack circuit.

Insight required for the ISO50001

The DCEM Power tree is available as:

  • Geographical: From Building to Serverrack
  • Electrical: From Trafo to Server rack circuit
  • Customer: From Customer to Server Rack

PUE calculation and visualisation

PUE reporting and realtime values, You are able to comply with customer and local regulations. With our secured data storage there is no possibility to manipulate the data and historical PUE values are 100% authentic.