A reliable electrical installation

With the DCEM-ENTERPRISE energymanagementsystem problems are detected in an early stage, giving you time to act before they have consequences. DCEM monitors your electrical installation and with that your company’s operation, creating an installation with a higher reliability and availability.

Saving energy starts with knowing where the energy flows.

Creating insight

Measurement values

DCEM provides you with a large set of measurement values: Voltage, Current, Power, Cos-Phi, THD-U, THD-I, Flicker, ...

Single Lines

Single Lines provide you with a realtime overview of your installation, giving insight into actual problems and power flows.

Easy export

Exports to CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, SQL, GBS, ... DCEM makes the export you want.

Accessing energy data simple and fast

Because DCEM is web based, no additional software is required, making it accessible from everywhere by multiple users at the same time.


  • Accessible with multiple users from every location
  • Quickly search for the correct device using “auto-complete”
  • Immediate access to realtime and historical values.
  • Easy to use like any other website

“DCEM sends warnings before problems occur”

Your installation in one overview

Single Lines provide you with a complete overview of the electrical installation, displaying realtime measurement values, energy flows and potentional issues.